you will not want to miss this delicious event.


This one-day retreat is an invitation for yogis of all levels interested in deepening their practice to enjoy a full day of yoga, meditation, sound healing, life hacks for active nervous systems, sensory awareness practices, and delicious cupcakes! This immersion will focus on material especially useful to empaths and those of us with highly active nervous systems, also known as HSPs. 

What is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?
In today’s world, being sensitive has an unjustly negative connotation when it is really a wonderful trait and potential superpower! Highly sensitive people have more active neurological systems than average, which allow for deeper processing of information and greater appreciation for subtleties. HSPs are estimated to be 15 – 20% of the population, yet many are unaware of their unique trait!

Common traits of HSPs include needing alone time to recharge, choosing to handle one task at a time instead of multi-tasking, preferring small groups over large parties,  strongly sensing body language and tone, feeling the emotions of others, and being in tune with nature.

Common challenges include being easily over-stimulated, absorbing the stress and negativity of others, feeling things too intensely, experiencing emotional/social hangovers, feeling isolated and lonely, experiencing emotional burnout, coping with sensory sensitivity, and trouble expressing needs in intimate relationships.

This self-naturing retreat is a day dedicated to personal relaxation and the knowledge to dispel these challenges through awareness and practical recharging practices for all students. 

Part I: Peace
12:00p – 01:30p Yoga Practice & Meditation I
A flowing asana practice with chi-gong movements, pranayama, silent meditation and a gong bath during savasana

01:30p – 02:15p Dharma Talk/Lecture Creating Peace from the Inside Out
– Engaging the parasympathetic nervous system and cultivating natural stress relief
– Tricks for dealing with sensory, emotional, and informational overstimulation
– Examining the curious relationship between diet, music, memory, and emotions
– Understanding lectins, stomach sensitivities, and keys to reducing inflammation

02:15p – 02:45p Free Time/Lunch Break
(Please bring a snack if desired)

Part II: Love
02:45 – 03:30p Dharma Talk/Lecture Choosing and Maintaining Love in Our Relationships
– Discover mirror neurons and the neuroscience behind empathy and sensitivity
– Discuss practical solutions for dealing with negative people and “energy vampires”
– Learning to set boundaries without being selfish or causing negative backlash
– Accessing internal power with grounding exercises to enjoy deeper connections

03:30p – 04:45p Yoga Practice & Extended Sound Bath
Our second practice will be gentle and restorative, including an awareness meditation and a full 30-minute sound bath of singing bowls and ­­­­sound healing accompaniments.

Part III: Cupcakes
04:45p – 05:00p Relish a slow, relaxing return to center by enjoying amazing vegan and traditional cupcakes.

Each student will also receive a gift set of items to support their practice hand selected by Johnny.

Suggested Items to Bring: Yoga mat, any props desired for meditation (we have blankets, blocks, and bolsters at the studio), a journal for note taking, a snack or lunch for break, an extra set of clothes (the first yoga practice will make you sweaty), big smiles, and open hearts.

When: October 28th, 2017
Where: Yoga Synthesis 
225 N Franklin Turnpike, Ramsey, NJ 07446
12pm – 5pm, Large Studio

Please note that we will be burning incense including sage and palo santo during the retreat. Food is optional, please make us aware of any allergies. Please contact me with any additional questions at